apple for the teacher Created by a former elementary school teacher
Mathcard is a fun and easy to use math learning game.
Mathcard is a concentration-style educational game. Eighteen cards are dealt to the player in three even rows. The object of the game is to match all the cards and answer each math problem in the shortest possible time. The five best scores are retained in a Hall Of Fame. Currently, Mathcard runs on Windows only.
When the download is complete, run the downloaded file (SETUP.EXE) to install the program.
Mathcard originally was written as a college class project. Then it was sold for many years as a shareware program.
Mathcard image
Mathcard Screenshot, enlarge.
Now the author offers the full version of this engaging educational math program for free.
When the program asks for an code to unlock the full version, use these values (without quotes):
Name: "Mathcard"
Mathcard is an excellent educational math learning game for kids and adults. Mathcard is perfect for elementary school classrooms, home school parents and adult learning settings.
Although support for the Mathcard is lo longer provided the author, David Summer, welcomes your comments.