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Quality Private Trumpet Lessons MA, NH – Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced

David Summer has over 35 years of professional experience as a music teacher, giving quality private trumpet lessons to students from beginner trumpet players to advanced trumpeters.

Trumpet Lessons for Adults
instrumentAre you an adult who used to play the trumpet and are thinking about getting back into the instrument? David is an expert at helping adults rediscover the joy of playing the trumpet.
David offers a flexible trumpet lesson program that is especially helpful for busy adult trumpet students.
Contact experienced trumpet teacher David Summer today to get started having fun playing the trumpet again.

David holds a degree in Music Education, and has been a music instructor in private and public schools as well as in a variety of other settings. He also performs professionally as a trumpet player throughout central MA and southern NH. David is a patient, caring trumpet teacher who truly enjoys giving private trumpet lessons to music students of all ages and abilities.

All trumpet students studying with David are offered a comprehensive music lesson curriculum that combines the study of classical, jazz and pop music and is tailored to each individual student’s interests and abilities. The trumpet is rich with excellent performance repertoire, including music from the baroque and classical periods to pop and modern jazz. David helps his music students explore and interpret these pieces as they learn to play the trumpet.

Trumpet and Music Fundamentals

David incorporates music fundamentals such as sight reading, scales, rhythms, practicing techniques and music performance skills into all his private trumpet lessons. He also includes  music theory studies in his trumpet lessons to help each student feel more comfortable and confident when playing the trumpet in any musical environment.

I’ve been taking trumpet lessons with David Summer for over 2 years now. I’m a come-back player so I need fundamentals and technique, but he also challenges me to grow as a musician. Every lesson is something new: show tunes, classics, improvisation, theory. With David you get it all and I’m having a blast. Can’t wait for my next lesson!

Steve Lothrop
Adult Trumpet Student

Efficient breathing and breath control are essential ingredients to playing the trumpet successfully. A properly formed, strong embouchure is essential to achieving a good trumpet tone and is also important in other aspects of trumpet playing including endurance, range and flexibility. David helps beginning and intermediate trumpet students to better understand these fundamentals and then coaches all of his students, adults and children, as they develop their ability to integrate these music fundamentals into their trumpet playing.

Each student is different in their physical ability, their playing goals and the time they can spend practicing the trumpet. David helps his trumpet students create a custom music practice routine to make the best, most effective, use of each student’s available trumpet practice time. Students are able to maintain and improve their trumpet playing according to their own schedule.

Jazz Trumpet Instruction

David has taught many trumpet players the fundamentals of jazz improvisation. He uses music play along materials as part of his jazz trumpet instruction to make improvising on the trumpet fun and introduces jazz trumpet students to standards from the jazz performance repertoire. David also incorporates ear training in his jazz improvisation curriculum so trumpet students learn how to hear chord changes and recognize musical patterns.

In addition to jazz improvisation, David helps trumpet players discover and interpret the vast number of jazz standards that are especially well suited for playing on the trumpet. He has a special interest in jazz from the American Songbook. This repertoire features composers like George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, etc. David introduces younger students to these composers and helps his many adult trumpet students enjoy playing and improvising on these jazz standards.

Trumpet Duets, Music Reading

Duet playing, classical duets and/or jazz duets according to student interest, are an important part of the trumpet curriculum as well. David plays trumpet duets with his students in their music lessons to help with music reading and to improve the student’s ability to play along with other instrumentalists. (Plus they’re fun!)

Adult Trumpet Students

David specializes in helping adult trumpet students who are either returning to playing the trumpet or are first time trumpet players. Playing the trumpet, and taking music lessons as an adult, is a time honored constructive way to help keep your mind active and have fun at the same time.

As a trumpet teacher for nearly 40 years, David has helped generations of trumpet playing adults discover or rediscover the joy that comes from making your own music.

Trumpet Practice and Performance

Advanced trumpet students will appreciate David’s ability to teach advanced trumpet techniques such as transposition skills. Being able to transpose is an essential aspect of trumpet performance at the advancing and professional levels. Other advanced trumpet topics can include developing trumpet range, double tonguing, mouthpiece selection and musical instrument purchases.

trumpet performing in churchMusic performance skills are another important part of the trumpet curriculum for a successful, advancing trumpet student. David helps advancing trumpet students, adults and children, find performance opportunities according to their interest. He also enjoys helping advanced trumpeters find their own musical voice through improvisation and musical interpretation. David strongly believes that advanced trumpet students should have the opportunity to bring their own individual experiences and aesthetics to the music.

Experienced Trumpet Teacher

As a highly experienced music teacher, David takes pride in his patience and his ability to encourage, motivate and inspire his trumpet students. He believes the best trumpet teachers take the time to play along with their students in their lessons. David enjoys playing the trumpet with all his students, beginners, intermediate and advanced students alike, and teaching trumpet lessons through patient explanation and example.

Most of all David Makes Learning to Play the Trumpet Fun

All trumpet lessons are one hour private lessons and are tailored to each individual student’s musical interests and ability. Trumpet lessons may be scheduled on a regular weekly basis or “one at a time” trumpet lessons are available. These one at a time lessons are especially good for busy adult trumpet students who are unable to commit to regularly scheduled weekly trumpet lessons.

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All trumpet lessons are given in a warm, friendly home atmosphere, in a music studio located in David’s home in Groton Massachusetts, 01450. David’s music studio is conveniently located for students looking for quality private trumpet lessons in Acton Massachusetts, trumpet lessons in Littleton Massachusetts, trumpet lessons in Westford Massachusetts and trumpet lessons in Concord Massachusetts.

David’s trumpet studio is also easily accessible to local trumpet students in Massachusetts looking for quality private trumpet lessons, in or near Acton MA, Ashby MA, trumpet lessons Ayer MA, Bedford MA, Berlin MA, Billerica MA, Bolton MA, trumpet lessons Boxborough MA, trumpet lessons Carlisle MA, Chelmsford MA, Clinton MA, trumpet lessons Concord MA, Devens MA, Dracut MA, trumpet lessons Dunstable MA, Fitchburg MA, trumpet lessons in Groton MA, trumpet lessons Harvard MA, Hudson MA, Lancaster MA, Leominster MA, Lexington, MA, trumpet lessons Lincoln MA, trumpet lessons Littleton MA, Lowell MA, Lunenburg MA, Marlborough MA, Maynard MA, Northborough MA, trumpet lessons Pepperell MA, Shirley MA, trumpet lessons Southborough MA, Sterling MA, trumpet lessons Stow MA, trumpet lessons Sudbury MA, Tewksbury MA, trumpet lessons Townsend MA, Tyngsboro MA, trumpet lessons Wayland MA, Westborough MA, Westminster MA, trumpet lessons Westford MA and surrounding towns, as well as towns local to southern New Hampshire, including Brookline NH, Greenville NH, Hollis NH, Hudson NH, Mason NH, Milford NH, and trumpet lessons Nashua NH. Also Central Massachusetts trumpet lessons, Worcester area trumpet lessons, Boston area trumpet lessons and MetroWest area trumpet lessons, including Framingham MA trumpet lessons.